Support our team

Support our team

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Wouldn’t you like to improve our community ?

Become a supporter of the Handi-Boat Society of Alberta and your generosity will put smiles on the faces on the disabled members of our community. With your help, the Handi-Boat Society is doing their part to make Calgary a better place to live for everyone.

If you are interested in:

* Providing Financial Assistance

* Volunteering your time

Perhaps your Company has a retiree group or a team that would like to assist in the Handi-Boat’s operation.

Captains must be obtain a Transport Canada Boat Operators License and be qualified in administering CPR and operating an AED device. Cost can be covered by The Handi-Boat Society of Alberta.

Mates are provided with On-The-Job training.

Contact us at 403-257-3028

* Using this service

* Your donation to The United Way can be dedicated to the Handi-Boat Society of Alberta #870086931RR0001

Contact Ron Kaczmar at 403-257-3028


Please see our Sponsor/Support Benefits handout of this web site (printable version).