Handi Boat News


The Board of Directors approved an abbreviated schedule which was contingent upon the implementation of Covid restrictions to ensure the safety of both our guests as well as the Handi-Boat crew. Although we did not take out any children since there were no kids’ summer camps, there was a great deal of interest from community and seniors groups.

Season. 2021 was a most unusual season. When we started, we were not sure we would have one but, as time progressed and restrictions were lifted, clients began to show a considerable interest and we had a great response with 27 scheduled bookings. Regrettably the smoke from the BC forest fires had an adverse effect and seven trips were cancelled either directly or indirectly as a result of the fires. Additionally, we had one familiarization trip for potential volunteers and one Volunteer Appreciation trip.

The Society was pleased to welcome three new clients (Luxstone Airdrie, The Journey Club and Community LAMDA).

New Dock and Gangway. The new dock and gangway gained many accolades from our guests and volunteers. Embarkation and disembarkation is much more streamlined. The transition ramp from the dock to the boat works well. Thank you to our volunteers and Eagle Helicopters who designed and built the transition ramp. Thanks also to our volunteers for sourcing and setting to work the front security fence and gate. Security will continue to be an issue until the berth wings are extended to their full length and the side fencing is installed.

Next Year. There are a few items that remain to be completed: 1) more safety signs need to be sourced and installed as these seem to be an ‘attractive’ item; 2) boat anchoring and guys for the final configuration need to be procured and installed; 3) the berth wings need to be extended to the original design and security fencing needs to be procured and installed on the wings; and 4) the final security protocol for boat storage and moorage needs to be ascertained.