1. What is The Handi-Boat Society of Alberta? The Handi-Boat Society of Alberta is a volunteer based Not for Profit organization that provides a unique recreational opportunity for people with disabilities, the disadvantaged and senior citizens in the Calgary and surrounding area.
  1. What is the Handi-Boat? The Handi-Boat, named the Santa Maria II, is a custom built 29-foot by 10-foot wide motorized pontoon watercraft. It is operated by a qualified staff of volunteers.
  1. How many people can be accommodated? The Santa Maria II carries up to 18 guests, eight of which can be in wheel chairs.
  1. Who can book a trip? The service is offered to hospitals, extended and long term care facilities, group homes, hospice groups, children in need, and disabled and seniors organizations. In each of its operating seasons since 1998, 30 to 40 excursions have been provided by the Handi-Boat Society with a seasonal average of 400 to 500 guests. Approximately one-half of these guests are children.
  1. Where does the Handi-Boat operate? The Handi-Boat operates at the Ghost Lake Reservoir, which affords close commuting distance to Calgary for clients, while allowing for a picturesque recreational setting.
  1. How long does a trip last? An outing that lasts two to four hours.
  1. What do I have to bring? Guests are responsible for bringing any assistants they require for their own special health needs, and are also asked to bring food for their lunch.  The Handi-Boat is outfitted with an on-board barbecue and life jackets are provided.
  1. Can we fish from the Handi-Boat? Yes, fishing is permitted from the Santa Maria II.
  1. How much does a trip cost? A. As a not-for-profit organization The Handi-Boat Society of Alberta relies solely on volunteers and has no paid employees. To offset costs, a nominal donation is made by guests for each excursion.
  1. Where are donations made? The Handi-Boat Society of Alberta is a federally registered charity with Registered Charity Number 87008 6931 RR0001. Donations can be forwarded to The Handi-Boat Society of Alberta, 224 Cedarpark Drive SW Calgary, AB, T2W 2J4